Staffing Appropriately

Need Help Optimizing ED Staffing? Read This Emergency Departments (EDs) are by far one of the trickiest departments to staff due to unpredictable variability in patient and staff acuity. From asset tracking to patient flow and work flow, the impact real time location systems (RTLS) can have on the ED has far-reaching implications hospital-wide. The role of RTLS in the ED continues to expand and … Continue reading Staffing Appropriately

Faster Room Turnover

How Can RTLS Increase Your ED’s Room Turnover? Patient wait times in the ED can play a key role in patient satisfaction and the quality of care delivered. Based on insights that RTLS (real time location system) analytics can enable, saving just one minute of a nurse’s time per patient per day over the course of one year, could translate into the necessary time for … Continue reading Faster Room Turnover

Optimizing Throughput

How Can RTLS Help Your ED Run at Peak Performance? We know today’s ED  can be faced with so many diverse challenges. Whether it’s accelerating and optimizing patient flow and throughput, improving and optimizing staff workflow and productivity, maximizing and optimizing resource and spatial capacity, or improving overall patient and financial outcomes, these challenges can impact staff morale, patient satisfaction and the bottom line. As … Continue reading Optimizing Throughput

Improving Patient Flow

How Can RTLS Benefit the Emergency Department (ED)? Patient flow measures, including but not limited to, arrival to departure for admitted and discharged patients, decision to admit, door-to-diagnostic evaluation, and “left before being seen”—will soon be among the various clinical quality measures of EDs. In other words, your facility will soon be, if it is not already, reporting ED measures to the Centers of Medicare and … Continue reading Improving Patient Flow